The Rosies Paradigm

The play, Rosies: The Women Who Riveted The Nation, will have its world premiere on Thursday, May 3, 2018 at Flashback Theatre in Somerset, Ky. If you are familiar with the play, Rose Monroe was born in Science Hill, Kentucky which is only a stone throw away from Somerset. She was a very visible Rosie in that she became the face of Rosie the riveter in the war bond films that ran before the feature in movie theaters across the nation during World War II. The play chronicles the life experiences of Rose, Margie, Kay and Doris.

What I found enlightening about being the playwright and ultimately witness to its full production is the paradigm of the ripple effect of the message of the play. That being, that all working women that support one another are Rosies. These women trudge through their days with all of the stresses life offers, yet still lend a hand if their sisters are in need. The enlightening part for me was witnessing the participants in the play’s production that exemplified the Rosie paradigm. These women worked diligently to support each other through the process. They displayed a positive outlook and supported their sister cast mates.

Not to say that this is a gender specific setting, but from my personal experience women as a rule have not displayed the all welcoming, we are all in this life boat together kind of empathy. Which leads me to think that the special circumstances of women working during World War II was a time capsule that was waiting to be sprung open now. This message would not have the impact during the upheaval of the Gloria Steinem era. I’m old enough to remember her on the Phil Donahue show and the hostility from the audience still gives me chills. Here was a very modest, quiet spoken woman trying to give her message and the audience wasn’t buying it. The most hostile remarks were from other women.

I am not taking a stand on her message either way. My point is I truly believe the climate for women is now one of acceptance of voice. That is not to say I agree with a lot of what women are espousing today, but I agree that whatever they are saying they have a right to say. The trend that I’m noticing is that women are creating their voice and now the powers that be are also listening. My personal example of this is I’ve written a play that will be produced. I’ve written a screenplay that will be produced. I’m in collaboration on a musical that I believe will be produced. This is a glorious time for women with a message. What are you waiting for? Get out there and say what you have to say.



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