Mary: Her Story Completes Book and Music

Songwrite Maria McNeil and Playwright Amber Frangos

Playwright Amber Frangos and songwriter Maria McNeil have finished the first complete draft of Mary: Her Story, complete with the full script and sixteen songs. While continued development is on the horizon for the musical, this is a huge landmark in the progress of the musical’s development, as it is the first version of the musical’s book  that is complete from start to finish. 

Playwright Amber Frangos says it feels wonderful to have completed the first full draft:

“This story has stayed with me for so long, it’s an accomplished feeling to know that the draft is completed; and it’s completed to my liking. I said exactly what I wanted to say. “ The completed draft of the musical includes sixteen songs, three of which are ensemble pieces. 

However, Frangos reminds Mary backers that the process of development is far from over. Most new theatrical works remain in draft until their first production, and often after. “I tinker with my plays after they are finished,” says Frangos, “The blue print is complete.“ Frangos says that she expects the biggest changes to the musical will be additional music added to the book of the musical as needed. Much of this music will be transition music that will add flavor to the show and pull the scenes of the show together.

Another next step in the development process will include working with Pianist, Composer, and Music Technologist Andreas Haberlin to arrange the already composed music of the piece for a full band. Frangos reports: “We have been in contact and this is the part where we relay to him what it is we want to hear musically. These micro decisions will flavor the entire musical. Our decisions currently will be deciding how to create an impact on the scene while keeping in mind the continuity of the entire piece musically.” 

Having the full blueprint of the first complete draft of the show is a huge step as Mary: Her Story approaches its world premiere in May 2022. The process is far from over, but as playwright Frangos reminds us, part of the theatre’s beauty is its ability to constantly change and evolve. She cheers: “That’s the nature of the beast. Theater is never static. I love the fluidity of it and look forward to making Mary the best musical.”

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