Mary Changed Her Name

What I discovered when developing Mary: The Musical was that during the course of development Mary was getting lost. The participants offered well meaning comments such as “It would be great if you mentioned the resurrection here.” “Why not add an apostle in the kitchen scene?” “This would be a great place to add scripture.”

While these comments were offered with sincerity, the story of the musical is Mary and her journey. At the time frame that I am writing, these people did not know they were destined for immortality. Immortality in the sense that if you were close to Jesus, then you would be forever included with his story.

The characters in the musical were nondescript in that they were everyday people living within their culture. They had not reached visibility, yet. Mary was doing her best to raise a son. Of course, she knew that Jesus was special and she always had to keep that thought in the forefront of her mind, but she was responsible to see that he was safe, fed, nurtured; the every day mundane tasks mothers do for their children. The unsung actions that are not listed in scripture. That is the focus of the musical.

Mary: The Musical is now Mary: Her Story. She is being renamed so there is no debate on who the musical is about. I expect a well meaning urging of “this is a great place to add Jesus” to continue. And, my hope is that once the audience sees Mary: Her Story they will understand Jesus’ place in it.

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